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Casa del Jade

Casa del Jade is a Christian family business, a pioneer in the Modern Jade Industry, which after more than 40 years has worked to share and make known the precious treasure and cultural legacy of Mesoamerica, Jade.

Be recognized worldwide for commercializing the best products with Guatemalan Jade through collaborators who have a passion for excellence.

To create, develop and commercialize worldwide, using fair trade principles, highly innovative products with high quality that bring our customers the opportunity to experience the beauty and uniqueness of Guatemalan Jade.

To facilitate tools that promote the growth of our collaborators; and to provide a healthy and safe workplace with which they can identify

To be responsible for what we do and what we don’t do, considering the effects of our actions on our community and the environment.

EXCELLENCE: What I do, I always try to do better.

LEADERSHIP: I have the courage to shape the future.

TEAM WORK: United not just to be together, but to achieve something together.

PASSION: Committed in heart and mind.

RESPONSIBILITY: I am responsible for what I do and what I don’t do.

INTEGRITY: I do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

SERVICE: Don’t let people come, without leaving better and happier.

RESPECT: I treat everyone as I want to be treated.

History of Casa del Jade

When the Spanish arrived in Central America, the Mayas protected their most valuable treasure… Jade. They hid the sources of this precious stone and they were forgotten for a few centuries; until they were rediscovered in the 1970’s.


Testimonials of OUR customers



I loved the place, their service and the explanation of the guide, we came out very satisfied, many beautiful things to buy and also you can carve your own jewel.

@ 183jennifferm - TripAdvisor

Great attentive service!

The store created some custom jade heart earrings for us and made them quickly too. Great quality and service. Real jade with certified gemologists.

@ MatthewSHouston - TripAdvisor

More than a Jewelry Store

We enjoyed our visit to the House of Jade and learning about the history of Guatemala's precious stone. Of particular interest to me was all the different colors of jade from pink to black not just green. A friend has a wedding ring made from the rose/lavender jade which she purchased from this shop and it is very unique and beautiful. Also of interest was the museum which featured masks and sculptures made by the mayans and the National Geographic articles written about the items. The museum is free and offers guided tours daily. You can actually watch the jade artisans at work. Casa del Jade features a jewelry store with very helpful staff and items in all price ranges. I was able to find a beautiful necklace in my price range. The artisans skillfully mix jade with other precious stones for unique and beautiful pieces. Mayan weavers were plying their skills in the courtyard to make lovely table runners which was fun and educational to watch.

Lynne A. - TripAdvisor