Nahual Ajmaq

  • Your Nahual (guardian animal): condor.
  • Your energy locations: caves and caverns.
  • Your energy colors: white and light blue.
  • Your stone: rose quartz.
  • Your metal or element: chrome.
  • Mayan Names: Ajmaq, K’ib ‘
  • Mexican Name: Cozcacuauhtl
  • Orientation: North
  • Element: Air


Ajmaq handles well the harmony and disharmony, the word, the message, the ancestral lineages and the energy that comes from living bodies, known as aura. Ajmaq is the day of introspection to analyze our actions and consequences and it is also the day of forgiveness. This was a sacred day to reflect on their actions, people only went out to ask for an apology or to celebrate a special ceremony. They also asked the Mother Earth for forgiveness and gave thanks for all the benefits received.


People born on this day have the courage to solve problems, they act wisely and are very good at interacting with people. They ask for wisdom from their ancestors, who have already returned to the truth and are strengthened in the material and spiritual. They are quiet, analytic, prudent, wise, balanced, brave, sweet, amorous, and have long life and health.

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