• Your Nahual (guardian animal): snail.
  • Your energy locations: beach, forest, sunlight.
  • Your energy colors: white and blue.
  • Your stone: clear quartz.
  • Your metal or element: white gold.
  • Mayan Names: Ajpuu, Ajaw
  • Mexican Name: Xochitl
  • Orientation: North
  • Element: Air


This is the day of the great Ajaw, the father and representation of the sun, and a day symbolizing the Life Force. They are spiritual warriors and conquerors of negative energies.


People born under Ajpu are good comedians, actors and dancers. They’re friendly, brave, delicate, intelligent and sure of themselves. They’re also good observers and share a mission to reorient humanity. Their egos are their largest obstacle in their spiritual path. They have the ability to manage their social circle and are very selective with their friendships.


They are spiritual defenders, good friends and companions, astute and strategic, direct and clear. They possess the spirit of the sun and lead their family well.

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