Social Responsability

We recognize that every business has the potential to have a positive impact in society, not only as a source of labor, but as an agent of change within it.
As a family business with Christian values​​, social responsibility is part of our DNA.
We work over 3 fundamental pillars:

Responsibility to the community

The Community

Among the activities carried out within our community are: Support to different organizations, Support to vulnerable groups and Support for cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Responsibility to our Employees

Our Employees

Our employees are the most valuable resource of the company. As a family business, we are committed to providing opportunities for employees to develop and grow within the company in an environment where they feel identified.

Enviromental Responsability


We know that we only have one planet and we have to take care of it. Therefore, that is why we only work green mining, we have changed our productive process to be more efficient and clean, we have changed all our lighting to LED, we have stablished recycling programs and changed our bags to be oxobiodegradable.

Do you want to HELP us help ?

20% of the sales of this jewels will be donated for these non-for-profits to continue their mission in Guatemala.

Some of the NON-FOR-PROFIT'S we work with