Wings Guatemala


We believe in reproductive rights

WINGS is a US and Guatemala registered nonprofit which for 15 years has provided family planning education and reproductive health services to marginalized communities in Guatemala. We believe that reproductive health is the first step in the fight against poverty, chronic malnutrition, maternal and infant deaths and gender inequality.

 Meeting Adolescent Needs

Nearly half of all Guatemalans are under 19 and have unique reproductive health needs. WINGS works with young women and men to ensure access to youth-friendly information and services.

Advocacy Program

We train women in advocacy, empowerment, leadership, and sexual and reproductive rights so they can organize talks, speak with local leaders, and organize in forums and marches to push for universal access.

Capacity building
We improve the quality of information and services provided by women’s rights and youth organizations, public health service providers (including Ministry of Health personnel) and partner organizations by training their staff and monitoring their activities.

Increasing access to Family Planning

We give low-income, indigenous and rural women and men the opportunity to plan and space their pregnancies by expanding access to information and a range of services in their communities. Our network of 74 community-based promoters provides counselling and short-term methods. Through mobile and stationary clinics, we provide long-acting reversible and permanent contraception.

Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among Guatemalan women. We provide rapid screening and immediate treatment of pre-cancerous cells using visual inspection with acetic acid and cryotherapy.

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Wings Guatemala