Nahual E

  • Your Nahual (guardian animal): bobcat.
  • Your energy places: mountains, forests and rivers.
  • Your energy colors: white and green.
  • Your stone: white quartz.
  • Your metal or element: Silver.
  • Mayan Names: EE, EY, EB’
  • Mexican Name: Malinalli
  • Orientation: North
  • Element: Air
Mayan Nahual E


E symbolizes the path of destiny and life. The shape and condition of the progress of life is the energy of action, which leads to an objective and precise point, to seek fulfillment in all situations, aspects and manifestations. It represents the staircase that leads to the underworld.


Persons born in this sign are conceived in the day of K’at and their destination is Ajpu. They think very differently and are solitary. They can be diplomats, as they are experts at the art of conversation, they know a little of everything, they are always respected and they can accommodate to any regime. They are obedient, travelers, good counselors, determined, successful traders, very creative, great storyteller and good speakers. Despite being very communicative they are impenetrable, they are vulnerable and mistrustful.


They are generous, kind, determined, understanding and honest. They are very happy and loving, they do favors easily and immediately and they ask Ajaw (the Maker and Creator) for all the people’s needs. They know a little of everything, have lots of initiative and are very supportive.

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Mayan Nahual E pendant with silver and jade
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Mayan Nahual E pendant with silver and jade
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