What can YOU do in our workshop?

In this two-hour workshop you can learn with our expert carvers about the ancient art of designing, cutting, carving and personalizing your jade piece that you could then take with you on a necklace, bracelet or keychain.

It is a unique experience where you will learn why jade has been so important since ancient times, related to eternal life and love. Today is our national stone.

Take a piece of Guatemala with you!

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This 2 hour workshop is offered everyday, from Monday to Sunday.

We offer it three times a day

We start at 9:30am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

Our maximum capacity is 6 people per group.


Saying ABOUT the workshop


Such a Cool, Memorable Experience

Anyone can buy their jade (which I also did at Casa del Jade), but not everyone has the opportunity to MAKE their own jade. I'm talking pick a rock, design, cut, polish and choose to make a necklace/bracelet/keychain/magnet which is a great memorabilia!! And the people who help you/teach you (Sassy and Diego) are both amazing human beings. They are so nice and genuine and know a lot about jade and about antigua... He also was so so patient as I took an hour, walking around the store, getting different pieces for me as I hunted for the perfect jewelry for my mom and grandma. 10/10 would recommend! This is a must!

Brittany - TripAdvisor

The Ultimate Family Activity

This was the BEST activity we've done while on a family vacation (which includes caves, ziplines, summiting, etc). We spent two quality hours together using our creative minds and hands. We walked away with precious memories and handmade jade jewelry. Sassy, our leader, was so friendly and helpful. Put your phones down. Turn off the noise and constant stimulation and head to Casa del Jade for this experience.

Darren S. - TripAdvisor

Fantastic Idea

Wanted to take something home with me and this was perfect. Diego was a huge help, friendly, knowledgeable, and spoke English extremely well. Love my piece. Totally recommend this as a 'to do' in Antigua.

Jessica D. - TripAdvisor

Ideal for ALL ages