Nahual Kat

  • Your Nahual (guardian animal): spider.
  • Your energy places: sea and jungles.
  • Your energy colors: white and beige.
  • Your stone: agate.
  • Your metal or element: oxygen.
  • Mayan Names: K’at
  • Mexican Name: Cuezpallin
  • Orientation: North
  • Element: Air


K’at represents instinct and originality. It’s a force that connects people to get things done and a filter that separates the bad from the good. It symbolizes the possibility of new life. At its essence, it is a fire that consumes.


Those born under K’at are sincere leaders and possessors of a strong inner energy. When they learn to control their emotions, they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. Because of this, it is very important that they find a stable base. Their biggest problem is managing material things.


They are good students, very orderly and can be spiritual guides. Once they acknowledge their dreams and possibilities, they tend to become very successful.

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Nahual Kat en plata y jade
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