Our Museum


In 2003, twentysix years after the opening of our fist store, we opened our Mesoamerican Jade Museum. Today, we exhibit 70 different pieces that tell the story of the four main Mesoamerican cultures; Mokaya, Olmec, Maya and Aztec.  Our museum holds original pieces, as well as perfectly sculpted replicas made by our talented local artisans, that will take you for a journey through our history.

In addition to the educational purpose, we see our museum as a way to express our identity and admiration for the wonderful Guatemalan culture. We look forward for you experiencing our passion while feeling at home.  This is why we’ve worked hard to train our staff in 5 different languages; English, Spanish, Italian, German and French.

During your visit to our museum, we will guide you through a fascinating journey in time, where you will learn the historical value of what our ancestors knew as “The stone of eternal life “; you will get to see this valuable stone in its natural state, learn about where it comes from, why it has different colors and shades, see the artisans turning the stone into a piece of art and delight yourself with the mysteries of the Mayan world.

We welcome you to be part of our family by experiencing our wonderful culture through the Jade legacy.  We are here to make your visit special and unique.