Nahual Noj

  • Your Nahual (guardian animal): woodpecker.
  • Your energy places: cold forests and lakes.
  • Your energy colors: black and blue.
  • Your stone: jet.
  • Your metal or element: steel.
  • Mayan Names: No’j, Kab’an
  • Mexican Name: Ollin
  • Orientation: West
  • Element: Earth


Noj represents the transformation of knowledge into wisdom and experience. No’j symbolizes the movement of heaven and earth. It symbolizes the ideas and knowledge and the power of intelligence and wisdom.


Those born on this day have wisdom and understanding. They have good character, are comprehensive in marriage, and are good students. They are one of the most noble and persistent signs, faithful by nature, and they like to give enough space to their couples. They are idealists and dreamers. Their biggest problem is not to notice when they can hurt and can be extremely confident.


People born on this day are good traders, cautious, studious and good for the arts. They have good ideas and great creative talent. They are noble, idealistic and romantic. Its most notable feature is their service for others and their great concern for the elderly and children.

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