Nahual Tijax

  • Your Nahuals (guardian animals): swordfish and toucan.
  • Your energy locations: cliffs and waterfalls.
  • Your energy colors: yellow and white.
  • Your stone: obsidian.
  • Your metal or element: copper.
  • Mayan Names: Tijax Etz’nab ‘
  • Mexican Name: Tecpatl
  • Orientation: South
  • Element: Water


Tijax is symbolized by the double-edged obsidian blade. It is associated with force, power, suffering and revelations. It’s a symmetrical symbol – the two sides of the coin which unite in the point and in this way it is unknown where one ends and the other begins – the positive resides in the negative and vice versa. It carries the power to cut through mystery and open a portal to the other dimension. It’s a day of purification and balancing of our actions.


People born under Tijax are protectors of justice, healers of the incurable, brave hearted, talented and visionary. They’re rational, but can also be intuitive and imaginative dreamers. At times they can be drastic, they offend easily and can end a lengthy relationship in a minute. They often achieve power and fame and are well-intentioned. Although conservative, they’re open to new ideas, especially relating to mystic themes, which they experience often in their day to day life. They are natural leaders, prudent and good negotiators.


They are optimists in the face of difficulty, collaborators and lovers of life. They can be spiritual guides as they have a natural aptitude for interpreting sacred signs and dreams.

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Dije de bolita Tijax
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Mayan nahual Tijax pendant handmade with sterling silver and Guatemalan jadeite jade
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Mayan Nahual Tzikin pendant handmade with sterling silver and Guatemalan jadeite jade
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Mayan Nahual Batz charm with silver and jade
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