We want to thank and congratulate each of our clients that have purchased a beautiful piece of jewelry, pre-hispanic reproductions and/or sculptures in our stores or through our authorized dealers.

We certify that all our jade, is of the jadeite variety found in Guatemala. The authenticity of the jadeite used by us has been verified by either the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the Mining Department of Guatemala.

Our warranty covers the replacement of stones that have fallen out due to a loss in strength of the unions, any cracks in the metal.

Every necklace and bracelet that our designers elaborate has a special jewelry string of the best quality in the interior of each piece to keep the shape. However, it is susceptible to losing its shape if the piece is not well taken care of.

Our warranty for these covers any manufacturing problems such as opening of crimps, broken or non functioning clasp and the loss of components and stones due to any of the problems mentioned before.

Broken strings due to miscare are not cover by the warranty.

For assembled earrings our warranty covers the loss of components, broken or non functioning ear wires.

Our warranty covers total or partial damage due to improper packing for shipping.

In the mosaic products, our warranty will replace or fix any problem with pieces that come off.

Casa del Jade certifies that all the silver used in our jewelry is sterling silver, also known as 925 silver.

This type of silver is sensible to the pH of the customer, or environmental factors such as salinity and humidity, chemical components in moisturizer creams and alcohol in lotions.

Don’t apply moisturizer cream or lotion directly on to your jewelry and clean your jewel after each use with a special clothe for silver to remove anything that might cause the silver to react and tarnish.

Jewels are delicate and deserve special care; therefore we recommend keeping each piece in their original package to avoid any damages.

Products like bracelets, necklaces and earrings made with leather, guatemalan fabric, plastic, wood, ribbons, laces, resins or other alternative materials or metals (pewter) have a 6 months warranty.

The warranty covers any damage or problem with the jade. The warranty DOES NOT cover problems with change of color of the alternative materials. The warranty DOES NOT cover items with pewter or stainless steel.

The hardness of Jade allows us to have a surface of a gem that is resistant to scratches from normal objects, making Jade a special gem to work with. To be able to transform it into a beautiful gem we need laser technology, the pressure of water or industrial diamond. However, if the piece suffers a very hard fall or shock, it might fracture or break, this is because of the crystal structure of the stone. That is why we recommend to take care of it, as you would do with any precious stone.

It is important to keep together with your piece your authenticity certificate which is also your warranty.

You should contact us either by phone (+502) 7932-5701 or by email to sales@lacasadeljade.com, and we will need the following information:

  • Customer’s name,
  • Number of receipt (If you don’t have the original receipt, you will find this number at the back of your authenticity certificate),
  • From 3 to 6 pictures where it can be clearly seen what happened to the piece and
  • A small description of what happened.

All of this can be sent either in Spanish, English, French or Italian.


Casa del Jade will get in touch with you within 48 hours after receiving your information to let you know how to proceed.


IMPORTANT: The piece will be repaired or replaced for an equal piece.

We will need an approximate date of purchase, the name of the customer and the reference of the store where the piece was bought for us to track it down.

For any returns there is a maximum of 30 days after the day of purchase, the product has to be intact with the original packaging and receipt. We will only exchange it for another product or give you a credit for future purchases.

Note: Customized items and products that are made exclusively for our customers, that are not of our normal line of products, CAN NOT be changed.

Please keep with your gift, the original packaging and warranty certificate.

In your certificate, you will find the date and receipt number, we will need this information to make the change.

Gifts can only be exchange for other Casa del Jade products, in a maximum of 3o days after the purchase has been made.

Casa del Jade will gladly assist you with any repairs needed. Contact us at sales@lacasadeljade.com for more information and costs.