We are so glad you are back in Guatemala helping our people! 

For over 21 years we have partnered with Helps in many ways, and we are grateful to be part of the mission.

Here are some ways we have given back to Helps:


Donations in tours


Donations in cash


Donations in products

Walking Tour

As a way to say thank you we offer a FREE GUIDED walking tour with a professional tour guide through Antigua to learn more about the history of the city and to point you to the best places to visit, enjoy and shop. 

We personalize the tour to the interest of the group or change it if you already being walking tour before. Of course, we include the visit to Casa del Jade.

You will get a very special tour with María Elena, owner of Casa del Jade and a passionate certified tour guide that loves sharing her knowledge about our beautiful city, the history behind it and the best places to eat, enjoy and shop as well. 


Our unique workshop is the #1 Activity to do in Antigua according to TripAdvisor.

Don’t miss this opportunity of creating something with your own hands and taking a piece of Guatemala with you. 

In this two-hour workshop you can learn with our expert carvers about the ancient art of designing, cutting, carving and personalizing your jade piece that you could then take with you on a necklace, bracelet or keychain. 

It is a unique experience where you will learn why jade has been so important since ancient times, related to eternal life and love. Today is our national stone.

Use coupon code «Helps» at Checkout to get your 10% discount and the 10% donation.

We deliver all the way to your home, choose between our two shipping options:

Express – $28usd – 3 to 7 days delivery

Standard – $19usd – 12 to 20 days delivery

Helps Products

Also with the purchase of each “Helps” Bracelet, Casa del Jade donates 20% back to support the programs of Helps International.

Visit our website if you’d like to know more about Casa del Jade